Here's a quick guide to getting familiar with your account:


     Sidebar navigation - 

  • The Dashboard displays a simple snapshot of each bee yard in your account.
  • The Yards page displays an active list of all your bee yards in your account. Learn more
  • The Hives page is an active list of all your bee hives in your account. Learn more
  • The Inspections page is where you record and track your hive inspections. Learn more
  • The Harvests page is a record of your honey harvested, however you can also track wax, pollen and propolis production. Learn more
  • The To-Do page is where you can set up reminders for what needs to be done at your next yard visit or hive check. Learn more
  • The Inventory page helps track your hive hardware counts. Learn more
  • The Community page is where can create a online group to easily share your bee data with other users, designed for bee clubs, groups, mentoring programs and the like. Learn more
  • The Reports page presents your bee data in rolled up PDF documents, graphs and charts. Learn more
  • The Maps page shows all your yards on an interactive map. Zoom in to view the area surrounding your bees and the environment they encounter. Learn more

     Plus button -

  • Click Inspections to perform a quick inspection. 
  • Click To-Do Item to easily record a new To-Do item.
  • Click Mite Count to record a new Varroa mite sampling. Learn more
  • Click HCC to record a Healthy Colony Checklist. Learn more
  • Click Observation to record a noteworthy observation from the bee yard. Learn more
  • Click Photo to view and add new photos to a yard, hive, inspection, etc. Learn more
  • Click Create Hive to quickly add a new hive to your account.
  • Click Create Yard to quickly add a new yard to your account.

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