• Dashboard View a glimpse of each yard. The doughnut chart in the middle shows the last time an action was performed in that yard. Use the left/right arrows to switch between yards.

  • Yards - View a list of your apiaries. Click on the yard name to open a pop up menu to perform actions on the yard, or click on the dropdown arrow to see the list of hives in that yard.

  • Hives - View a list of all your beehives. Each row shows a snapshot overview of various stats on each individual hive.

  • Inspections - Record everything you did and spotted during a beehive inspection. There are many things you can record and we try to capture as many possibilities as we can, but it doesn't mean you need to check these items all the time. So, record as much or little as you'd like.

  • Harvests - Whether it's honey, wax, pollen or propolis, it's important that you track where it came from and how much you've harvested. On this page, you can do just that! We list a number of different units of measurements to track quantity, including by frame, pint, gallon or bucket.

  • To Do - Beekeeping is fun, but it can also be a lot of work! Create a To Do so you know what needs to be done at your next yard visit or inspection. Never miss those important tasks like feeding, inspections and queen status updates.

  • Inventory - This page lists your current inventory. Active components are the ones currently in use on your hives. Shed refers to components not currently in use. Total is the total number of that component, according to your books.

  • Community - Create an online groups to share information and insight with other beekeepers.

  • Reports - View basic summaries of data gathered from your account.

  • Maps - View a map of all your bee yard locations. Zoom in to view the three concentric rings surrounding each individual bee yard. The one, two, and three-mile markers give you an idea of the area your bees forage and the enviroenemtsn they encounter.

Plus Button

  • Inspections - quickly record a new inspection.  

  • To Do Item - quickly record a new to do item.

  • Mite Count - collect mite infestation data and visualize varroa infestations in your honey bee colonies. When you enter your mite load data you will have the option to opt-in to share your data with MiteCheck (, which is an ongoing mite monitoring effort provided by the Bee Informed Partnership.

  • HCC (Healthy Colony Checklist) - a quick, six-item standardized set of guidelines for beekeepers to follow when inspecting hives, developed by Dick Rogers of Bayer Bee Health.

  • Observation - sometimes you may only want to record something that you noticed, spotted, or observed during a yard visit. This is the place to do it.

  • Photo - add a photo and attach it to a yard, hive, inspection or harvest.

  • Create Hive - add a new beehive.

  • Create Yard - add a new bee yard.

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